Resin Based Water Softeners

The resin based water softener is designed to remove “hard” particles of magnesium and calcium, by a simple ion exchange process. During these reversible ion-replacement reactions, as sodium ions leave the ion-exchange resin and go into water. Resin based systems are used for water softeners,

We also customize these resin based water softener systems on the ground of customer specifications according to their requirement and usage. Our resin based water softener systems are widely appreciated in the industries for higher efficiency, lesser cost maintenance and long service life.

Water softening is a process in which water flows through a bed of resin to exchange the hardness ions, calcium and magnesium, for sodium ions.  When the resin has reached its capacity for holding hardness ions, the water softener initiates a regeneration cycle.  During this cycle, a sodium chloride brine solution flows through the resin and effectively reverses the process by exchanging sodium ions for hardness ions, and flushing the hardness ions down the drain.